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Pending flash (Undetermined)

2011-12-22 21:48:01 by Nitemare99

I finally got CS5.5 and I might start making flash movies, But there is one problem, I can't really think of anything to draw, If you guys can give me ideas, I might be able to draw it up. and I have another problem where the program will reset to the trial version and I really can't do anything about it. Anyways I still probably won't be able to create it because I'm still in school and I cant balance this and school at the same time. But pm me for an ideas you ma have or just to tell me how to use flash.

Best Party EVER!

2011-12-10 01:05:32 by Nitemare99

I just got back from the greatest party ever. my enitre JROTC class met at the school and we had a hall-wide party. we hooked up the xboxes, got the pizza,and played from 3pm to about 10 o'clock. This was by far the best because we had rooms with multiple Xboxes, like 4 to a room, and everyone just played call of duty MW3. It was a good night.


2011-10-16 20:31:58 by Nitemare99

After some time thinking, I'm going to start making music again.
Thanks Newgrounds.