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Entry #13


2012-10-07 22:31:29 by Nitemare99

Well, I'm almost online again, i believe i need to get another battery for my computer... but i got a school laptop and i was looking for a way to get on Newgrounds. although I'm online... i'm not gonna be able to post a lot. but if I find a way so i can post, i will post in bulk. I made about 3 songs, i made a short loop, a dubstep song and something expiremental.
Other than that, i been doing a lot of pencil drawings but i dont have a camera so i really can't do much now...I'm still trying to save up money but it's harder than you think without a job, When i get a job, i'll get my driver's permit first and then a charger for my laptop. so that's about it right now i guess.II'm glad to be semi-back...


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