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New Music...REMIXED!

2012-03-13 17:13:43 by Nitemare99

I've given CannonXIII the permission to use my work that I uploaded. Check his remix out,link will appear when he uploads.
Also, I'm starting to work in flash AND FL Studio to create a cartoon that will come out soon.

Keep litsening...


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2012-03-25 17:46:29

I've been trying to submit it for a while now. I just can't submit anything. I hope i'll have it in by 8pm est no later today.

Nitemare99 responds:

ok, that's cool. I'm not going to be online for a while because my computer isn't working so I might be less updated. Can you upload it to mediafire so I can hear it?


2012-04-04 14:20:14

Yep as soon as I get a nice synth going. I mixed up the midi file and one of mine that was a midi and oversaved it. I the remix and had to start over and create it over without the midi you sent me. I am only 2:32 into the song. I've started it yesterday and have come to a block, I could still send you the demo until I finally complete it.

Nitemare99 responds:

you might just have to upload because I gotta get another charger to it.
sorry man,